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Water Pressure

Are you having problems with your water pressure?

Are you not getting strong water flow in your premises? This may be due to reasons such as low pressure caused by partial clogging of the shut-off valve or clogging of your water lines. You may even have the wrong water system installed or it may just be too old and on the way out. Problems related to water pressure are often difficult to diagnose and fix at first, but our master plumbers have the experience to find out what’s happening very quickly and can handle all types of water pressure problems in both commercial and residential set-ups.

Our plumbers are fully trained and experienced and we’ll fix water pressure issues anywhere in your building, whether it’s in the kitchen sink, shower or bath tub faucet. We always use top quality products when we replace any items so you get the best finish and a long-lasting solution.

Water pressure services we specialise in

Our water pressure solutions include the following:

  • High or low water pressure
  • Fixing problems related to water flow
  • Handling banging and vibrating pipes
  • Stopping pipe leakage
  • Pipe replacement
  • Replacing faulty water softener
  • Mending clogged shower-heads
  • Repairing closed shut-off valves
  • Rectifying water meter settings

We offer our workmanship guarantee on all completed work, and customer satisfaction is our highest priority so you’ll always get fair and transparent pricing without any hidden charges.

Fed up of water pressure problems at your place? Give JACK Plumbing a call. We can fix your problem quickly.

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